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What our customers say about our caminos

Absolutely no need was unmet. Transportation, food, water and excellent accommodations were provided every day, and most days were long and difficult. At day's end were always words of encouragement for the next stage. Every morning we were met with smiles and the ever present joy of Rui and Yolanda. I had been wanting to walk the Camino for the past several years. I am grateful that my wish came to fruition last year. Well worth the wait. Thanks Rui, Yoli. You 2 are just getting started.

Betsy, Jacksonville, USA

Everything was done beautifully to accommodate our group. I could not have asked for 2 better people to lead the Camino. Yoli and Rui were exceptional. The walk was a challenge, as should be expected, but there was always a warm welcome at the end of the day.

Jane, USA

My husband and I had the pleasure of experiencing the 17 day Camino Frances trip with Rui and Yolanda and our small group from Jacksonville, Florida in September 2016. It was such a wonderful experience that went way beyond our expectations. From the time they greeted us at the airport upon arrival until they saw us off at the end of our journey, Rui and Yolanda went above and beyond in their extraordinary attention to detail to make our Camino an unforgettable highlight in our lives. Their knowledge, experience, love and respect of the Camino de Santiago shows through every day and they took care to provide us  with all we needed  to truly make it "our  Camino". The accommodations and the meals they chose for us were an added bonus to look forward to every day after we put in many wonderful miles on the Camino! Plus, they even loved to surprise us with unexpected things along the way! I would highly recommend contacting Rui and Yolanda of  ultreiaysuseia if you are planning to walk the Camino. We are so happy we did!

Aileen and Dave, Palm Coast, Florida

"Rui was our guide for the Heneghan family’s 2013 Portuguese El Camino and pilgrimage to Fatima.  We each had a wonderful experience. Rui is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide!" 

Heneghan family – Chicago, Illianois, USA




“No matter the reason that one chooses to walk the Camino, it is impossible for it not to become a spiritual or at the very least a deeply personal and moving experience.  The Camino is like a linear United Nations where I had the chance to become friends with young and old from around the world.  Rui, the time you spent with us on the Camino made it all the more special.  Your personal knowledge of history and fun facts along the way make the Camino spring to life and remind us that we are walking a very ancient and historic path, walked by those just like us, only a thousand years ago.  Thank you for the time, passion, and kindness you showed all of us along The Way.  We are forever grateful.”

Brook - Oregon, USA

"Congratulations on beginning Ultreia y Suseia!
How wonderful to share this adventure with your wife! 
We know it will be hugely successful! Rui, you were an excellent guide and enhanced our Camino experience.  We deeply appreciated your professionalism, and found you engaging, helpful, and fun. 
We loved walking the Camino! It is hard to describe the experience to someone who has never done it. 
We think of our time on the Camino very often, and it includes thoughts of you and our time together walking.
Much success!!”

Lewanna and MB

When I came home after making my first Camino I knew in my heart  I would be returning again some day... I fell in love with the Spanish people whose smiling faces brighten each day as we passed bye  one beautiful village after another. How could I possible forget the man who gave me fruit and a kiss on each cheek as I passed in front of his house I can still remember all the pilgrims from all over the world that I met each day.  The girl from Scotland who had a beautiful spirit and determination as she struggled with the weight of her backpack ; a young college graduate fr the US,  named Matthew who was trying to find  a purposeful direction in his life. Most of all I remember the couple who I walked with from Norway who after completing the entire Camino has kept coming back for shorter hikes 5 times since. I asked them what kept bringing them back time and time again.  The husband answered " it's because of people like you that we meet along the way that keeps bringing us back each time" 
I was very fortunate to have Rui as one of my  tour guide for my first Camino. He encouraged me when I was tired and didn't believe I could take another step. He help me each step of the way  by instructing me how to walk downhill when it was all loose rocks.  He tried to teach me the best way to use my walking sticks.  It was such a comfort to know that he was constantly behind me as I was one of the slower walkers in my group. 
I cannot wait to go back again next year with Rui who I know will ensure that this Camino journey will exceed my first one.

Mary Ann Caruso, Florida, USA

Doing the Camino de Santiago was one of the best trips we have ever done. From the lodgings, transportations, meals, to the Camino itself, everything was absolutely fantastic.
Every stage of the Walk was planned in great detail.  And all of this was due to our tour guide, Rui, who was so instrumental in making sure that everything was carried out in the greatest detail.

During the Walk, there were always checkpoints where Rui was waiting for us with the minibus, fresh fruit, water and other snacks such as energy bars.  If one of the group was a little delayed in getting to the checkpoint, Rui would get in contact with him/her by phone, as we had all been given a cell phone before starting out on the Camino.  If he was not able to contact that person, he would begin walking to meet up with him/her to verify if the delay was caused by some problem or if the walker had just simply stopped off somewhere to do a little "shopping" in one of the villages we would walk through.
The only problems to arise were blisters that we might get on our feet, but "Dr. Rui" would immediately treat them in his very special way and they would stop being a problem.
Rui has done the Camino more than ten times and he is very well acquainted with all the  "ins and outs" of the Camino.  We always knew what to expect along the Walk and  between the checkpoints.
Rui is very professional and an excellent guide; we couldn't have asked for anyone more capable and knowledgeable.
He is very personable, and we feel that everyone in the group thought very highly of him and thoroughly enjoyed him.
As for us, he became a very dear friend as well as being a phenomenal guide.  We will never forget this Camino experience.

Armando and Nancy Brito, Sacramento, USA