days: 11

   nights: 10

   walking distance: 114,6 kilometers (71 miles)

   value:  2.500 €  per person in double occupancy rooms      

    single supplement: 450 €


The Camino Francés Compostela is designed at a more leisure pace, with shorter stages for those wishing for a relaxed walk.  This Camino give you the opportunity to experience the abundant cultural and historical sites of the Camino. 
We meet you in Madrid, and then begin our journey visiting the ancient Roman city Astorga, start walking to the mythical Iron Cross and the unique village of O Cebreiro.
You’ll experience all the Camino offers through your discoveries along the way of ancient villages, fine cuisine, a robust history and the endearing and friendly nature of the native people of Spain. 
Join us on a magical and inspiring walk through history and time.

•24 hours per day English-speaking guide assistance
•10 nights in hand-picked accommodations
•10 dinners and all breakfasts
The Compostela Certificate
Support vehicle provided during the entire tour
•Ground transportation
Luggage Transfer between accommodations during the walking tour
•Mobile phones with internet access and geo-reference app (in development)
Pilgrims Kit
Botafumeiro Ceremony
Photos of the entire Tour
Celebration Dinner


The Camino Francés Compostela is walked during a 11 day period.
Below is the city to city itinerary, but please note that specific hotels vary between dates and are therefore not published here. They are provided at the time of booking, along with a more detailed schedule that you can share with your friends and families.

DAY 1 Madrid – Astorga
We will meet in the lobby of our hotel in Madrid at approximately 8:30 am and then travel together in our private car towards Astorga. After lunch, we’ll meet again to have a delightful guided visit where you can get to know the history of the Astorga’s Cathedral, the Gaudi’s Episcopal Palace and, of course, why is Astorga famous for it’s chocolate...

Accomodations in Astorga  

DAY 2 - Stage 1 – Rabanal del Camino – Cruz de Hierro (Iron Cross) – 7.5 km or 4.1 mi
Our journey starts heading a majestic spot that stands at 1.500 mts above sea level is crowned by a very humble monument: the Cruz de Hierro. The ancient tradition of leaving here a stone brought with the deepest respect from home represents the genuine and ancestral solidarity between Pilgrims, the testemony of a voul, a deep wish, a memorie, or a metaphore of liberation.

Accomodations in Sarria

DAY 3 - Stage 2 - Peruscallo – Portomarin 13,5 km or 8,39 mi
Crossing through Celtic woods with ancient trees that melt amidst small and picturesque villages, we’ll find the exciting and mythical stone marker noting 100 kilometers. Small churches and cruceros, founts, cultivated fields and the green gardens quietly lead us to Portomarín. Enjoying extraordinary views over the River Minho, we’ll learn more about the astounding history of the Church - Fortress of St. Nicholas, or, St. John, built during the 12th and 13th centuries.

Accomodations in Sarria

DAY 4 - Stage 3 - Portomarin – Vendas de Naron  - 13.2 km or 8,2 mi
We leave the Minho River behind and climb quietly on a dirt road surrounded by magnificent and ancient trees, taking the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views either of Portomarin and Embalse de Belesar. After Castromaior, with its pre- Romanesque castro and his Church of Santa Maria from the 12th century, we’ll reach the picturesque village of Ventas de Naron.

Accomodations in Palas de Rei            

DAY 5 - Stage 4 – Vendas de Naron - Palas de Rei - 12 km or 7,46 mi

We'll start the day, enjoying magnificent views over the Sierra de Ligonde. We continue to Lameiros where, close to St. Mark's Chapel, find the Lameiros Cruise, dated 1672, which is considered one of the most touching of the Way. At the Alto do Rosário, we’ll learn the legend of the fighting bulls tamed by the disciples of Santiago, that carried the body of Saint James to Santiago.

Accomodations in Palas de Rei 
DAY 6 – Stage 5 - Palas de Rei - Melide - 15 km or 9,32 mi
The Calixtin Code (ancient Camino guide) mentions Palas de Rei as a starting point of the 13th stage and final stage of this Guide. As we prefer to stop and smell the roses, we’ll end our journey in Melide, a land known for its great octopus, always with a Albariño wine! A very quiet journey, between small villages, magnificent forests, and even an interesting stretch of the Roman road.

Accomodations in Arzua 
DAY 7 Stage 6 - Melide - Arzúa - 14.3 km or 8,89 mi
We follow the familiar shells and yellow arrows to Santa Maria de Melide with its 12th Romanesque Church. Passing Carballal we walk through a picture postcard of the French Way: the magnificent grove along the river Catasol. In the Calixtino Code was here that the Pilgrims laid the stones that asked them to bring from Triacastela to the construction of the Cathedral of Santiago. Ribadiso de Baixo is an idyllic place with a view of the bucolic waters of the River Iso and a medieval bridge.

Accomodations in Arzua 
DAY 8 – Stage 7 - Arzúa - The Empalme - 15.50 km or 9,6 mi
Arzúa is a city with pre-Roman history as indicated by the large amount of Castros in the vicinity. We'll enjoy a smooth path between oak, pine, eucalyptus and green pastures where dairy cattle graze quietly. We pass through many tiny and picturesque villages such as Roda do Castro, a pre-Roman circular fortress wall hidden among huge oaks and wild blackberries bushes.

Accomodations in Lavacolla 
DAY 9 – Stage 8 - The Empalme - Lavacolla - 13.6 km or 8,45
Our day begins by crossing through Santa Irene, with its chapel and fountain where the water is said to have healing powers. We then enter a forest where we find the largest eucalyptus on the Camino and continues through wonderful woodlands to San Palo with his 1840 Church, dedicated to St. Pelayo, first king of Asturias and Spain. Our day comes to an end after reaching Lavacolla, where, in ancient times the Pilgrims purified themselves before reaching Santiago.

Accomodations in Lavacolla 
DAY 10 – Stage 9 - Lavacolla - Santiago de Compostela - 10 km or 6,21 mi
Today is bittersweet as it is our last day on the Camino. We walk a short way to the legendary Monte do Gozo, (Mount of Joy) and the interesting Chapel of São Marcos. We enter Santiago by an ancient and well cared for medieval path, magical and populated by magnificent buildings. The sounds of bagpipes welcome us to Obradoiro Square, opposite the impressive Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, where we will participate in the Pilgrim Mass and the extremely touching ceremony of the Botafumeiro!

Accomodations in Santiago de Compostela 
DAY 11 -  Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela is, in itself, a city rich in symbolism, secular and religious traditions, peculiar legends and spectacular architecture. Our morning begins accompanied by a local historian who will take us on a visit around the Cathedral and we'll learn more about Santiago’s origins and traditions.
It is common to say that we never do only one Camino, and that no one comes to the end of their Camino unchanged. For most, we begin to dream of walking a Camino again!
As we end our journey together, instead of saying farewell, we share our sincere wish that we will one day meet again.


Ultreia y Suseia Tours has selected a combination of country manors houses, boutique-hotels, and ancient monasteries. We personally selected inns that provide a high quality of service, personalized attention, exquisite meals, comfortable rooms and a very special location. All rooms have their own private bathrooms and wi-fi connection. Pilgrims are always honored guests.

In Spain, the food and the wine hold a sacred place in each day. We are very fond of fresh local ingredients, local recipes and glorious wines. We’ve chosen the best locations to savor the distinct flavors of Spain while enjoying unique atmospheres and environments. Our checkpoints along the Camino provide healthy snacks, fruit, water and cold drinks. We love to surprise our pilgrims along the way. Lunches are on your own to give you the freedom of choice and allow for a leisurely daily schedule.
Dinners are celebrated in the peacefulness of our inns and have been chosen for their exquisite menu, variety, atmosphere, and service. All breakfast and dinners are included.

You are on vacation and set your own daily walking pace. You can choose a contemplative walk alone, a conversational walk with other pilgrims, or you are always welcome to hitch a ride with our support van driver if you prefer a break from walking. It is a time to relax and allow yourself to find your personal path and pace. We strongly suggest that our Pilgrims stop to smell the roses, have a drink in a café with a new friend and enjoy the real Camino de Santiago spirit. We’ll always be there for you. Come join us!